Arts & Culture

At the heart of King David School lies a spirit imbued with a vast range of Arts and Culture opportunities and activities. Arts and Culture is celebrated at the schools with highly regarded musicals, one-act plays and drama festivals, magnificent performances of dance, visual art exhibitions, recitals, soirées, debates, and public speaking events.

The arts and culture programmes at the various schools, across all the grades, combine vibrancy and creativity and aim to embrace the specific needs and the identified gifts of the students. We are extremely proud of the numerous external awards that our schools' art, theatre and public speaking activities have received, recognizing and acknowledging the enormous pool of talent available at King David Schools.

The activities on the campuses are further enhanced by the enrichment programmes which include: guest speakers, workshop facilitators, excursions and theatre visitations. These enrichment activities allow the King David students, across all ages to be exposed to some amazing South African talent, breathing our South African culture and heritage into the lives of our pupils.

KD Jam is the in-house music centre located on the King David Linksfield campus. There are over 200 students enrolled with 17 teachers, teaching 12 different instruments. KD Jam successfully puts on a number of concerts during the year.   The King David Victory Park campus also has an active and productive music department with many students learning more than one instrument from the highly qualified teachers. The students all participate fervently and passionately in all the Jewish festivals, musical soirees as well as the annual musical which is a highlight on the arts and culture school calendar.

King David Schools also offer various student clubs and activities to cater for the diverse interests of our students.  Some of the extra mural activities on offer include: gaming, creative writing, slam poetry, debating, public speaking, first aid, community service, pastry club, sound and lighting, philosophy, film, dance, marimba, Shakespeare club to name a few. 

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