King David High School Linksfield

King David High School Linksfield was established in 1955 as a community school and proudly maintains its status as one of the premier Jewish Day Schools, both in South Africa as well as internationally.  This has been achieved by producing graduates who have excelled in both the general and Jewish domains.  King David High School Linksfield consistently produces some of the top IEB matric results in the country – an achievement of which we are extremely proud.

The key philosophy in the nurturing of a King David High School leaver is to produce a mensch with self-respect and respect for others, an individual of empathy, humility, imagination, capable of critical thought and concern for the needs of others; one who has accountability, the ability to communicate effectively and to be an holistically well-rounded person, equipped with the resources to take up the challenges in all areas of life: spiritually, emotionally, academically, culturally and on the sports field.

King David seeks to provide students with the widest possible choices to participate in and to “own” their school and foster a true sense of belonging.  It is also our sincere desire to acknowledge, nurture and grow each individual student by recognizing and celebrating the contribution that they make.

The top management of the school is firmly structured and students and staff are divided into director and tutor groups each under the directorship of a senior member of staff, a proven system which affords each student the best possible opportunity to be nurtured, stimulated and engaged, thus enabling them to reach their true potential.






Lorraine Srage - Principal

Tel: +27 11 480 4500

Fax: +27 11 640 1649


Physical Address:

100 Club Street