King David Junior Primary School Linksfield

At King David Junior School Linksfield, from Grade 1 to Grade 3, we offer a warm, nurturing environment in which every child and parent is valued.  We encourage children to actualize their potential both academically and socially.  Our curriculum follows the standards set by the ISASA private schools and strives to be on par with international education standards. We include IT lessons, drama, PE, music and art lessons in the syllabus.

We offer small classes which are classes with fewer pupils than the average class, to assist children to bridge gaps before entering mainstream classes. We also have remedial therapists who will facilitate learning support for children in the mainstream classes.

We offer a wide range of extra murals such as seasonal sports and cultural activities.

Our music centre, KD Jam has 22 full-time music teachers who can give private tuition to pupils during non-academic times in the school day.

We offer an education which supports a Jewish ethos. Our core value is to build a mensch, and this message is displayed around the school using photographs of children who are demonstrating loyalty, humility, good manners, good sportsmanship, tolerance and kindness towards all communities.

We teach Jewish practice, nurturing knowledge of Hebrew, a love of Israel and an appreciation of Shabbat and Chagim.

At King David Junior School Linksfield, our doors are always open and every effort is made to keep the channels of communication open. We value the fact that our pupils are given an excellent foundation and a solid education.


Ruth Isaacson - Principal

Tel: +27 11 480 4718

Fax: +27 11 640 1515


Physical Address:

100 Club Street