King David Primary School Sandton

King David Primary School Sandton is a Jewish primary school catering for students from Grade R through to Grade 7. The uniqueness of our school is tangible as you step through its doors.  The space is charged with expectation - an energy, a warmth.  There is a sense of identity intrinsic to our Jewish Ethos, most of all, it's the feeling of belonging - you're home.

The beautiful grounds and facilities have their part to play, but it's the people who leave their imprints on the annals of time. There are many individuals and personalities that make up the fabric of our school, but it's the pupils who are our most precious asset, the future of our country, the leaders of our world.

We seek to nurture and empower them as they emerge from early childhood, developing their personalities, academic prowess, cultural and sporting aspirations as we watch them them grow into menschen and global citizens. 

The substantial responsibility of such a journey does not escape any at our school.  Teaching boys and girls to think and function independently underpins all our learning.  It is a contant joy to follow the paths of the King David Primary School Sandton pupils who, as they look upon this phase in their school life with pride, they flourish and fly.  


Lynne van Dellen - Head of School

Tel: +27 11 253 7440

Fax: +27 11 803 7246


Physical Address:

Bowling Avenue

Woodmead Ext 4