King David Pre-Primary School Linksfield

King David Pre-Primary School Linksfield has provided a world-class education to thousands of Jewish children over the years.  We are extremely proud and privileged that the original school situated on the King David Linksfield campus has recently been rebuilt.   The new KDPPL has 14 modern classrooms equipped with projectors, a media centre and library, a music room, admin offices, meeting rooms, resource rooms, therapy rooms and a fully functional kitchen.  In addition, there is a magnificent landscaped garden and playground area, specially designed to accommodate the developmental stages of all children from playschool through to Grade R level.

KDPPSL has an enviable reputation as a school of progressive thought, focused on innovative programmes and staff development on an on-going basis.  We are on the cutting edge of education with the SABJE constantly researching, accessing and implementing the top educational programmes internationally so that we can actualize the children’s potential.

At KDPPSL we adopt a holistic approach to education.  The children are nurtured and encouraged to strive to reach their full potential. The safety and the wellbeing of the children is of paramount importance to us.

The school caters for children with different needs, remediating or extending them where necessary. Speech therapists, occupational therapists, a sensory integration occupational therapist and a physiotherapist are all on our campus and available to provide therapy when necessary, which parents pay for.

The school has implemented a special Hebrew programme and celebrates Shabbat as well as all the Jewish festivals.   Music and Physical Education sessions by experts in the field are offered and there is an after-care facility every afternoon. A wide variety of extra murals are offered daily. Our outreach programmes help to transcend the differences in cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds and help to build bridges with the next generation.


Sheva Messias - Principal

Tel: +27 11 480 4600

Fax: +27 11 480 4656


Physical Address:

100 Club Street