King David Primary School Victory Park

Our school has many things to be proud of.  We are an academically excellent school.  We offer a wide variety of sports and encourage all of students to participate.  We have a renowned academic support department to assist children that need that extra bit of help.  We are a proudly Jewish and Zionistic school that imbues children with a love for our culture, the State of Israel and our people. We are a small, warm and nurturing school that allows children to feel safe and cared for.

All children from Grade 1 to Grade 7 are privileged to be part of a caring institution that offers a secure, happy and quality Jewish learning environment in a South African context.  The King David Primary School Victory Park family provides every child with a well-defined path as well as the tools to prepare for a successful future.

However above all else we are proud that the children in our school are happy.  They are happy because they are given the room to be who they want to be.  They are appreciated for their uniqueness and accepted as they are.  We aim to imbue all our learners with world view that is tolerant and respectful of all people – irrespective of their differences.  We aim to inculcate in our learners courteous behaviour and care for their surroundings.  We aim to nurture “menschen”.

Our outstanding staff, the supportive and involved parents as well as the talented students all work together to make King David Primary School Victory Park a wonderful learning environment.


Mr Kevin Lees

Tel: +27 11 446 7870

Fax: +27 11 888 7409


Physical Address:

84-88 Road No. 3

Victory Park