Our Purpose

The schools are guided in practice by 7 dynamic Purpose Statements each addressing a specific area of school life.

Our Purpose
We strive to nurture graduates who are menschen, confident and equipped to pursue any opportunity they wish to, who are proud of their Jewish heritage and its traditions, who have a love for learning, and a determination to contribute to their society.

Our Teachers
We strive to have teachers who are excellent, motivated and who care for, and who are committed to the best interests of each and every student and the core purpose and values of the school system.

Our Curriculum
We are committed to meeting the needs of the national curriculum using educational programmes that comply with the best international standards. We will provide a Jewish education that is relevant and compelling. We will attempt to anticipate the needs of our students over and above the expected curriculum and develop programmes towards meeting these and will promote the optimum health and wellness of students.

Our Infrastructure
We are committed to creating an appealing and safe environment wherein there is an appropriate emphasis on those resources that facilitate and promote the holistic educational needs of our students. Culture and Milieu. Our schools should be a cultural environment that creates a love for our Jewish heritage, its traditions and the land of Israel and one that creates loyal support of South Africa, and an appreciation of its diversity.

A Community School
We are a community day school and we strive to accept every Jewish child provided that in the process we can deliver on our vision for our students.

Orthodox Judaism
We are an Orthodox Jewish day school that embodies orthodoxy as a standard, but that is tolerant of different levels of observance and affiliation.

World ORT affiliation

The King David Schools have been working with ORT SA for many years.  In 2018, the King David Schools and World ORT entered a formal affiliation which became permanent in September 2020.  World ORT is a global education network driven by Jewish values.  Founded in 1880, they have been transforming lives through training and education ever since.  The focus is now on 21st century skills reaching 300 000 people in 30 countries.  Our educators and students are benefiting through various training and international opportunities relating to STEM, diversity and leadership courses.

Find out more about ORT www.ort.org