King David Senior Primary School Linksfield

King David Senior Primary School Linksfield offers a superb Jewish and secular education in a dynamic environment. The children from Grades 4 – 7 are given the opportunity to develop and meet their academic, cultural, sporting, social, physical and leadership potential.  These opportunities, together with a strong Jewish identity result in children who are well prepared and confident for the future.

The school is dedicated to the development of the whole child and therefore offers a plethora of opportunities beyond the classroom. These include sports, cultural and leadership opportunities. King David Senior Primary School Linksfield is also involved in numerous outreach projects which instil a sense of community within our pupils and nurture the spirit of Chesed, a true Jewish value.

Our school is nestled in the shadows of Linksfield Ridge and held strong by the partnership of the SABJE, staff and generations of parents and pupils. It is the magnetic force of our special children, the neshama (soul) and ruach (spirit) of our school that are timeless, ageless and often intangible. The echo of the morning davening (prayers), the cycle of chagim (festivals) and the focus on the needs of the Jewish and broader community, instil our values, tradition and heritage.

We invite you to visit our school, attend an assembly and become part of our King David Family.


Shelly Freinkel - Principal

Tel: +27 11 480 4772

Fax: +27 11 485 1062


Physical Address:

100 Club Street